Maintaining the Status Quo in a Chicago Divorce Case

One of the many things that judges in the Cook County domestic relations division are interested in is maintaining the status quo that the parties have had prior to the filing of the divorce case. “Status quo” essentially refers to keeping things for the parties the way they had been before the divorce case had started. For example, the Court may become involved if a party cuts off the other spouse’s access to all money and credit cards. That substantially changes the ability of the other spouse to access funds in the way he or she used to before the Chicago divorce case. Another situation in which the status quo is changed is if a parent unilaterally moves the children out of the home without the other parent’s permission and without a court order. A person going through a Chicago divorce does not have to put up with being cut off from access to funds or the children, and these issues should be discussed with an experienced family law attorney.

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