Child Support for a Special Needs Child

The Illinois legislature has modified the child support calculation statute and the new provisions became effective on January 1, 2013. One of the modifications clarifies that Illinois courts may consider the physical, mental, emotional, and educational needs of the child when awarding child support. This change in Illinois child support law is particularly important if you have a special needs child. Common special needs conditions include the autism spectrum, ADHD, and ADD. Any parent seeking child support who has a special needs child should consult with a sensitive family law attorney who is familiar with special needs custody and support issues. Children with special needs often need extra or different education plans, medication, or modified extra-curricular activities. A child support award that is adequate for a typical child may not be sufficient for a special needs child. Parents may be required to pay child support even after the child reaches the typical emancipation age of eighteen if the child is mentally or physically disabled. A parent seeking to establish or modify Illinois child support that takes into consideration a child’s special needs must present certain evidence to prove his or her case.

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