Infidelity Clauses in Prenups and Post-Nups

The press has reported that a number of celebrities have "infidelity clauses" in their prenuptial agreements. Jessica Simpson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Chelsea Clinton are said to have prenups that entitle them to large financial payments if their husbands commit...

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Jewish Prenup and Divorce Issues

In Jewish wedding ceremonies, the couple signs a ketubah,a Jewish prenuptial contract. Historically, a ketubahwas signed to protect a wife and specified the husband's obligations to her. Ketubot (plural of ketubah)stated a financial settlement the wife was to receive...

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Why Prenuptial Agreements Are On The Rise

Reuters reports that prenuptial agreements are on the rise and not just among affluent couples. Prenuptial agreements can protect against debt, assign who gets to keep pets and contain adultery clauses. More middle-class couples are signing prenuptial agreements and...

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