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We work hard to obtain the best outcome for your family law matter. With a proven track record of success and 30 years of experience, we help you move forward and start your new chapter.

As your Chicago divorce law firm, we develop a strategy with you, keep you informed every step of the way and respond promptly to all of your questions. And we do it at reasonable rates with honest and transparent billing. Selecting an attorney for your divorce can be stressful. Call us and see how we can help you successfully navigate the process.

Founded by Harvard Law graduate, Tanya Witt, The Witt Law Firm, P.C. is one of the top Illinois law firms exclusively focused on family law. We are strong advocates in court and experienced in litigation. For those seeking to resolve their matters outside of court, we offer mediation services and collaborative divorce. Ms. Witt is a popular speaker on cutting-edge issues involving cryptocurrency and digital assets in divorce cases.  She has instructed attorneys and judges in continuing legal education courses on cryptocurrency issues in family law matters.


We are available to help protect your rights, your family, and property

Selecting an attorney for your divorce can be stressful.  Call us and see how
we can help you successfully navigate the process.

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Chicago Divorce Attorney Tanya Witt As a female Chicago divorce attorney, I am often asked if I represent both men and women.  Yes, I am proud to represent both men and women.  The most important attributes in a family law attorney are honesty, really listening, knowledge and experience, caring about the client’s goals, and putting the client’s interests before the attorney’s interests.

Some attorneys bulldoze over their client’s reasonable requests and goals.  Perhaps it is due to ego or a lack of compassion on the part of some attorneys.  I am very mindful and respectful that it is the client’s life, finances and children that are at issue in the case.  I help my clients thrive.


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Divorce and dissolution of marriage mean the same thing.  Regardless of which term you use, when it comes to Chicago divorce you are in good hands with The Witt Law Firm, P.C. 


In Chicago divorce cases, courts may award maintenance (formerly known as “alimony”) to a spouse who has insufficient income to cover his or her reasonable and necessary expenses. Learn about the 14 factors that influence maintenance amount and duration.


Property division in a divorce requires determining marital versus non-marital property. All property must be classified before a divorce can be finalized.


The allocation of parental responsibilities is the legal phrase in Illinois for child custody and visitation. 


Child support is the amount of money that a non-custodial parent must pay the custodial parent to cover expenses for his or her minor child. Child support covers basic needs such as food, clothing and housing, and well as costs for extracurricular activities, transportation, medical expenses, private school and day care.


A lot of dads today are very involved in caring for their children. When the parents are unmarried, Illinois law presumes that the mother has sole allocation of parental responsibilities (“child custody”). Unmarried fathers need a court order to overcome the presumption that the mother of the child has sole custody.


High-net-worth divorces may have more options available than a “typical” divorce. The Witt Law Firm frequently represents parties in high-net-worth divorces in Chicago.  There are unique aspects to high-net-worth divorces.

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With high-net-worth divorces involving businesses, it is a comfort to have experienced legal counsel ensuring your assets are protected. Our team will thoroughly examine your situation to safeguard your business interests.


Cryptocurrency has been the fastest growing asset class since Bitcoin was created in 2009. For some parties to a Chicago divorce, tracing and valuing digital assets may be necessary in pursuing a fair settlement. 

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Tanya Witt filed the first same sex civil union divorce case in DuPage County, Illinois in 2011. In 2011, individuals to a civil union gained important rights in Illinois.

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Collaborative divorce is an option for parties who would like to resolve their dispute themselves but want the benefits of legal representation. A collaborative divorce can have the several benefits.

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Mediation empowers the parties to control the outcome of their dispute outside of court.  The mediator facilitates constructive negotiation.

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